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. anonymous says its ilford traded several government computer systems and top secret information that is now threatens to the public. family and friends of swartz say that he killed himself after he was hounded by federal prosecutors. officers say that he held posts millions of court documents for free online and that he legally down loaded millions of academic articles from an on-line clearing house. >> president obama is getting some one welcome legal news. as federal piers' court has struck down three appointments he made, while congress was on holiday break. the positions were for jobs on the national labor relations board. if the court ruled adult women's wear in unconstitutional use of the president's executive power. based on a technicality, the senate was officially in session when he made the appointments. if the decision stands, it could invalidate hundreds of decisions by the labor board which were made over the past year. >> because at the pentagon, the defense department has started laying off thousands of contract and some wear civilian workers. all were told that the agency is
things about how government's changed in the united states, but pretty much everything stays the same. this shows the world that we can change governments. we can have our own mini-revolutions or rebellions, but it occurs in an orderly, peaceful fashion. >> there will be a speech. this is also martin luther king jr. day. so will the president bring that in? >> well, part of it will be he'll be using two bibles today, the lincoln bible and the martin luther king jr. traveling bible. what king took with him as he traveled to draw inspiration for his sermons as he went and his activism around the country. there's a big significance to that for the president today. martin luther king's real first name was michael. >> was it? >> yes. >> all right. >> we'll be chating with michael all morning long. when we come back, we'll talk about the speech, what to expect in the second term, what the president -- how he's going to handle this. >> ok. >> thanks. >>> the other big story this morning besides the fact the president will be sworn into office is the 49ers. they had a huge win yesterday. they
today which would increase the debt limit. the legislation would give the government in of broad leeway to meet three months worth of obligations. the gop is dropping their instance for now. a debt limit increase can come with spending cuts. this bill will avoid a potential first ever before on the nation's payment and debt obligations at least through may. it also contains a provision that slaps at the senate, the provision will withhold pay for house and senate members if there chamber does not pass a federal budget. the senate has not passed a budget bill of over four years. >> next on kron 4 morning nils. chicago firefighters are busy this morning. a third of his department has been battling this mass of fire overnight. will have details coming up. >> we're also keeping a close eye on the radar this morning. when was showers hit your neighborhood? we will check in with air connects.erica nexxt. for the new mattress models, but sleep train's huge year end clearance sale ends sunday. get beautyrest, posturepedic, even tempur-pedic mattress sets at low clearance prices. save even more
security. >> the online hacking group anonymous says it is "declaring war" on the u-s government after hacking the federal sentencing commission's website overnight. the group is demanding the u-s reform its justice system. a long threat note, youtube video and a list of files named after u-s supreme court justices were posted on the site taken over by the group. anonymous is believed to be a collective of so-called "hacktivists" who oppose attempts to limit internet freedoms. the note expressed anger over the death of internet activist aaron swartz, who committed suicide on januaryswartz was facing criminal charges related to a hacking case when he died. >> now to a story that's got our newsroom a buzz. you might be missing some money.and not even know it! there is roughly *58- billion dollars* in unclaimed money and property. sitting in treasuries all over the country. the national association of unclaimed property administrators says, most of it is held by states. these funds come from forgotten bank accounts, stock holdings, pensions and life insurance payouts. you may want to take
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that would defuse the debt ceiling crisis -- at least for now. it gives the government enough borrowing authority to last for at least four months. that move would prevent a first-ever default. the senate's democratic leader and the white house say they'll go along with the extension. it also contains a provision that withholds pay for house or senate members if the chamber in which they serve fails to pass a budget plan. that's a slap at the senate -- which hasn't debated a since 2009. >> pam: developing news at this hour. notre dame linebacker manti teo has admitted he lied about his supposed girlfriend. but says he didn't lie from the very beginning. kron 4's dan kerman is here to sort it all out. >> reporter: like many scandals it comes down to what did he know and when did he know it. and then what did he do about it. it turns out that in december, the all american did find out something was amiss. and continued to stick with the lie. as you've heard, teo supposedly had a serious relationship with a woman online and over the phone. and then was told she died on september 12. teo ga
the government of barley way to me three months for the obligations. >> the gop is dropping their insistence for now. the debt limit increase, spending cuts. this bill will avoid a potential first ever default on the nation's favorite and debt obligations at least through may. it also contains a provision that slaps at the senate, the provision witll withhold pay for house and senate members that their chamber does not pass a federal budget. the senate has not passed a budget bill in four years. i guess now they will not get paid if they do not. >> a top general caught up in the petdreeaus scandal has been cleared of allegations that he wrote potentially inappropriate e- mail. the defense department found the allegations against general john allen were unsubstantiated. >> allen had been accused of sending the e-mail to jill kelly. kelly is the woman as action led to the fbi investigation that will live of cia director david petreaus affair with biographer paul brought you can't move the tv there. yuh-huh. we have the wireless receiver. listen. back in my day, there was no u-verse wireless re
into 2013. swiss economist at klaus schwav called for the business and government leaders headed their to focus on caution realism and recover public trust to avoid another major financial crisis. >> during the first half of last year part of the bay area had an increase of 4% experts say the rent flattening could be caused by some renters deciding to buy instead sends interest rates are so low. >> twitter said it is working on fixing issue which is causing a service out for millions of users. people here on the west coast began reporting problems logging on to twitter yesterday's. >> as is unusual the case, the problems are in to midnight do not affect all users. people on the east coast are reporting no problems at all. >> the twitter app for mobile devices is also up and running with no issues. twitter has not yet identified the exact problem. i just checked my twitter account there are no problems maybe it is fixed. >> siruis xm radio in a comedy central are teaming up to create a new comedy channel on the satellite neradio service. it will showcase the television networks s
increase the debt limit. the legislation would give the government enough broad leeway to meet three months worth of obligations. the gop are dropping their instance, for now. a debt limit increase come with spending cuts. this bill will avoid a potential first ever in the fall on the nation's payments and debt obligations at least through may. it also contains a provision that slaps at the senate, the provision will withhold pay from house and senate members if the chamber does not pass the federal budget. the senate has not passed the budget bill in four years. i guess not it will have some incentive. >> san francisco police have arrested a suspect in connection with a deadly shooting earlier this week. seth myers is suspected of shooting daniel colon and another man early monday morning on naples street. that is in the city of crocker amazon neighborhood. colon died at the same. the other victim was taken to the hospital and is expected to survive. >> an investigation is under way after a san francisco muni bus hit a woman in the city's mission district. this happened just before 930 yes
is talking about. >> if prop. 1 of 9 1/2%. you get the highest tax bracket from the government. the social sphere security tax and the other taxes. he made $60 million last year. >> let's talk about apple. apple may face first profit drop in decades as a the iphone slows down. >> verizon came out this morning is stated that they had a blowout sale with the iphone 5. this is actually bad bills because this is a very expensive phone to manufacture. the ipad, and the ipad mini. some of their sales have when down. this is not a make or break for them. >> wenner. existing home sales fall, but prices climbed for the 10th straight month. the sales were up and this is lovely. the average home is up by 11 1/2%. as the prices go up more people are putting their inventory out there. i believe that home sales will continue to do well. this is as long as the interest rates remain low. >> we have the e-mail from patrick. he states that he would like to know if he should consider buying amazon before earnings are released? >> yes. i think that this is the craziest accompany the juvenile. i think they're
that spansboths. been of course a governing never events. we have promises to keep the mouth and for the one is the one we make to the people. that proposition 30 passed. that we will guard the money made available. that means living within our means and not spending what we did that happen. fiscal frugality iby expanding e programs only to cut them back when the funding is the clearest. this is not progress is not progress the is an illusion. the stock and gulf arabs now want. we are not going back there. ththe federal level, the court, ought change because of this hole in the budget. ignoring unknowns would be fallible. to pay down hour while the debt is hallie plunged to a decade of depth. recall the story of genesis. a grain of sand and cats that blast and well flavored. which came out of the river followed by seven other aspects. berlin can't get the fat cats. the pharaoh could not interpret history until just explained to him that the seven fat cows or seven years of great plenty. the settlement house with seven years of famine. this led me to follow. the therapy it buys and sells the
of a government-insured reverse mortgage. it will eliminate your monthly mortgage payments and give you tax-free cash from the equity in your home. and here's the best part -- you still own your home. take control of your retirement today. ♪ ♪ it is 7:11 a.m.. >> in a rare joint interview, president obamas said down with his outgoing secretary of state, that stash sat do-- sat down with his secretary of state hillary clinton. the two spoke about how their relationship has evolved over the last five years. the two were once bitter rivals, but now allies. the president and hillary both consider each other strong france. obama was also asked about possibly endorsing hillary in 2000 16th and here's what they both had to say. >> also during the interview she was asked about her health. she says she is feeling great " i am looking for to being at full speed again. >> off a possible immigration reform bill will be outlined today. by a bipartisan group of senators. the sweeping deal covers for security, guest workers and employer verification and also covers a path to citizenship for the 11 mil
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